Satellite altimeter measurements of sea state—An algorithm comparison


  • L. S. Fedor,

  • T. W. Godbey,

  • J. F. R. Gower,

  • R. Guptill,

  • G. S. Hayne,

  • C. L. Rufenach,

  • E. J. Walsh


A group of Geos 3 sea state investigators conducted a workshop during which their independently developed algorithms for extracting significant wave height from Geos 3 data were intercompared using simulated Geos 3 data, a long Geos 3 data span which included a variety of sea states, and a number of short data segments in the vicinity of data buoys. Individual differences between the algorithms were small in comparison to the general good agreement among them and with the surface truth data. Details of the algorithms are given together with the intercomparison results.