Experimental measurement of electromagnetic emissions possibly related to earthquakes in Japan


  • M. B. Gokhberg,

  • V. A. Morgounov,

  • T. Yoshino,

  • I. Tomizawa


Recent observations in the USSR appear to suggest that wide-band electromagnetic radiation occurs just prior to earthquakes. To apply this phenomenon to earthquake prediction, measurements have been carried out at the Sugadaira Space Radiowave Observatory in Japan under the USSR-Japan Cooperation Program in 1980. The recorded noise level at 81 kHz is comparatively quiet throughout the day and night. However, about one-half hour before the main shock of a magnitude 7 earthquake at 0733 UT on March 31, 1980, the instrument recorded an anomalous amplitude increase to 15 dB higher than the normal level. VLF data recorded synoptically at Sugadaira suggest that unusual impulsive radiation at frequencies below 1.5 kHz also occurred shortly before the earthquake. Similar 81-kHz emissions were observed prior to magnitude 5 and 6 earthquakes on September 25, 1980, and January 28, 1981.