Optimal polarizations for achieving maximum contrast in radar images


  • A. A. Swartz,

  • H. A. Yueh,

  • J. A. Kong,

  • L. M. Novak,

  • R. T. Shin


There is considerable interest in determining the optimal polarizations that maximize contrast between two scattering classes in polarimetric radar images. In this paper a systematic approach is presented for obtaining the optimal polarimetric matched filter, i.e., that filter which produces maximum contrast between two scattering classes. The maximization procedure involves solving an eigenvalue problem where the eigenvector corresponding to the maximum contrast ratio is optimal polarimetric matched filter. To exhibit the physical significance of this filter, it is transformed into its associated transmitting and receiving polarization states, written in terms of horizontal and vertical vector components. For the special case where the transmitting polarization is fixed, the receiving polarization which maximizes the contrast ratio is also obtained. Polarimetric filtering is then applied to synthetic aperture radar images obtained from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is shown, both numerically and through the use of radar imagery, that maximum image contrast can be realized when data is processed with the optimal polarimetric matched filter.