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The two-dimensional diagnostic model for tropospheric OH: An uncertainty analysis


  • W. L. Chameides,

  • A. Tan


Tropospheric OH is believed to play a major role in atmospheric photochemistry, and, via its chemical interactions, OH ultimately may affect the climate, stratospheric ozone levels, and the pH of rain. A valuable tool for predicting the global OH abundance as a function of latitude and altitude is the two-dimensional diagnostic model for tropospheric OH. This model can also be applied to budget studies of species which interact with OH, such as CH4, CO, and O3. In addition to laboratory-obtained kinetic data, important variables, including the rate constants for several reactions, the rate of heterogeneous removal of soluble species, and the global abundance and spatial variability in H2O, O3, CO, and NOx. The uncertainties in these parameters imply over a factor of 3 variability in the calculated global OH concentration as well as significant uncertainties in the latitudinal and vertical OH distribution.