Multiyear sea ice variability in the eastern Bering Sea: An update


  • H. J. Niebauer


Time series of sea surface temperature (SST), percent ice cover, degree day, and surface wind anomalies are updated from Niebauer [1980] for the period 1974–1982 from the eastern Bering Sea. These data are used to provide further documentation of the recent short-term (∼1977-present) climatic warming trend in the region of the eastern Bering Sea. The data analysis indicates that the warming trend is statistically significant and that it ended in 1979. Details of the anomalies in SST, ice and surface, and 700-mbar winds are updated for the individual winters of 1979–82, are compared and contrasted to the recent multiyear warming trend and are discussed in relation to longer-term studies of air-ice-sea interactions in this region.