Measurements of atmospheric hydrocarbons and biogenic emission fluxes in the Amazon Boundary layer


  • P. R. Zimmerman,

  • J. P. Greenberg,

  • C. E. Westberg


Tropospheric mixing ratios of methane, C2–C10 hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide were measured over the Amazon tropical forest near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, in July and August 1985. The measurements, consisting mostly of altitude profiles of these gases, were all made within the atmospheric boundary layer up to an altitude of 1000 m above ground level. Data characterize the diurnal hydrocarbon composition of the boundary layer in this tropical forest area. Biogenic emissions of isoprene control hydroxyl radical concentrations over the forest. Biogenic emission fluxes of isoprene and terpenes are estimated to be 25,000 μg m−2 d−1 and 5600 μm m−2 d−1, respectively. This isoprene emission is equivalent to 2% of the net primary productivity of the tropical forest. Atmospheric oxidation of biogenic isoprene and terpenes emissions from the Amazon forest may account for daily increases of 8–13 ppb for carbon monoxide in the planetary boundary layer.