Viking 1975 Mars Lander interactive computerized video stereophotogrammetry


  • Sidney Liebes Jr.,

  • Arnold A. Schwartz


A novel computerized interactive video Stereophotogrammetry system has been developed for analysis of Viking 1975 lander imaging data. Prompt, accurate, and versatile performance is achieved. Earth-returned digital imagery data are driven from a computer to a pair of video monitors. Powerful computer support enables a photogrammetrist, stereoscopically viewing the video displays, to create diverse topographic products. Profiles, representing the intersection of any definable surface with the Martian relief, are readily generated. Vertical profiles and elevation contour maps, including stereo versions, are produced. Computer overlays of map products on stereo images aid map interpretation and permit independent quality evaluation. Slaved monitors enable parallel viewing. Maps span from the immediate foreground to the remote limits of ranging capability. Surface sampler arm specific vertical profiles enable direct reading of arm commands required for sample acquisition, rock rolling, and trenching. The ranging accuracy of ±2 cm throughout the sample area degrades to ±20 m at 100-m range.