The second conference on Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces will be held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, August 11–15, 1969, under the joint sponsorship of Commissions II and V of URSI and the IAU. The aim of the conference is to afford an exchange of the latest results obtained by radar, radio astronomy, and space probe techniques in the study of planetary atmospheres and surfaces. Members of the organizing committee include W. E. Gordon (U.S.A.), Z. Kopal (England), A. Boischot (France), and A. D. Kuzmin (USSR). Sessions will be held on the following topics:Moon—remote sensing including infrared, Venus—remote sensing; atmospheric models. radio, radar, and close-up photography; Mars—remote sensing. properties of the surface; evolution. Jupiter and the giant planets—remote sens-Mercury—remote sensing. ing; radio-emission mechanisms.Attendance will be by invitation. Papers should be submitted in full to J. V. Evans, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT, Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 USA before May 31, 1969.