Effect of a Moving Dielectric Half-Space on the Radiation From a Line Source


  • K. Hazama,

  • T. Shiozawa,

  • I. Kawano


This paper discusses the effect of a moving dielectric half-space on the radiation from a line source. Specifically, let us assume that an electric line source is embedded in one of two dielectric half-spaces separated by a plane of infinite extent, with either of the dielectric half-spaces moving uniformly. Then, the problem of how the radiation pattern of the line source, as viewed from the side of a dielectric half-space at rest, is affected by the motion of the other dielectric half-space is investigated. After considering an electric line source located both in a stationary and in a moving dielectric half-space, it is found that the radiation pattern is greatly modified by the motion of a dielectric medium, especially in the presence of the other dielectric medium at rest instead of in the presence of a vacuum.