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Radio Science

Dependence of Nondeviative Ionospheric Absorption on Solar Zenith Angle and Frequency


  • R. K. Rai


Results are presented of theoretical investigations of the nature of nondeviative radio-wave absorption at vertical incidence, in an isothermal ionospheric region where collisional frequency is comparable to the exploring frequency and where the recombination coefficient is not constant but is a function of height. It has been shown that in such cases the variation of nondeviative absorption with solar zenith angle and frequency may be represented by the expression:L ∝ {(cosX)π/(ω±∣ωL∣)C+n}where symbols have their usual meaning. The values of n and C are such that (2 — C) ≥ n ≥ 0 and 3/2 ≥ C ≥ 1/2.

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