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Laser Beam Broadening in Atmospheric Propagation


  • Thomas J. Gilmartin,

  • Floyd V. Schultz


By using the Born approximation and the Gaussian model for the correlation of refractive index fluctuations in the atmosphere, an expression for the power in the first-scattered field of the TEM mode is obtained. It is demonstrated that the second-scattered field does not contribute to beam broadening in the lowest-order approximation. The total power in the first-scattered field is found. The transverse profile of the scattered power is shown to be a function of a single parameter ΘL, which depends strongly on the ratio of the beam radius to the scale of turbulence a/lo. Values of lo and the mean square fluctuation of the refractive index (n12) are determined in an illustrative comparison with experimental data of the theoretical profile of a broadened beam.

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