Boundary Between Laminar and Turbulent Flow


  • S. A. Thorpe,

  • J. Strohbehn,

  • W. P. Birkemeier,

  • E. J. Plate,

  • R. S. Scorer


This group was asked to consider the characteristic structure of the boundary between laminar and turbulent flows (the L-T boundary) and to answer the following specific questions. If we consider the boundaries at the top and bottom of a patch of intense turbulence in a stratified medium,

a. Can we predict the two-dimensional spectrum of the height deviations of the boundary?

Answer: no.

b. Will there be density fluctuations induced in the laminar layers where the stratification still remains?

Answer: yes.

c. If so, what spectrum can we predict for these fluctuations?

Answer: refer to Townsend [1964].

d. How intense will the fluctuations of a passive scalar quantity be at the boundary relative to a point in the middle of the thoroughly mixed zone (patch)?

Answer: it is not known.