Radio Science

Budgets of Turbulent Fluctuations


  • Hans A. Panofsky,

  • D. Atlas,

  • L. Fehlhaber,

  • J. E. Cermak


The propagation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves through a turbulent, locally isotropic medium is prescribed, provided we know the coefficient of k−5/3 in the Kolmogorov law. This coefficient is the product of b, a universal constant; N, the dissipation rate of the fluctuations of refractive index; and ϵ−1/3, where ϵ is the rate of dissipation of turbulent velocity fluctuation into heat. We might consider two kinds of problems:

How can electromagnetic or acoustic propagation information be used to get information about various meteorological properties?

How can meteorological data be used to estimate the propagation of waves?