Neutral Winds and the Behavior of the Ionospheric F2 Region


  • H. R. Cho,

  • K. C. Yeh


The continuity equation of ionization and the equation of motion of the neutral atmosphere are solved simultaneously in the ionospheric F2 region for different seasons in different epochs of solar activity. The model atmosphere used is that given by L. G. Jacchia (1965). Epstein functions are used to simulate the electron and ion temperature profiles. An ionization production function in a Jacchia model atmosphere is derived and used. The computed wind velocity and f0F2 behavior are presented and compared with other theoretical results as well as the existing experimental data. The meridional wind is found to agree reasonably well with the incoherent scatter data. It is found that the declination effect resulting from neutral winds can be used to explain certain experimental observations in a semi-quantitative manner.