Very Long Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter at 18 MHz


  • T. D. Carr,

  • M. A. Lynch,

  • M. P. Paul,

  • G. W. Brown,

  • J. May,

  • N. F. Six,

  • V. M. Robinson,

  • W. F. Block


Very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) observations of the decametric bursts from Jupiter were initiated by the University of Florida in 1964, with a tape-recording intensity interferometry operating at 18 MHz over a baseline of 55 km. This was apparently the first VLBI. Since the source was unresolved, subsequent observations were made with progressively longer baselines. The longest baseline is 7900 km (between Kentucky and Chile). Preliminary results indicate that if the S-burst sources are incoherent, at least some of them must be smaller than 0.1″ of arc.