Observed and Predicted VLF Phase Behavior for the Solar Eclipses of September 11, 1969, and March 7, 1970


  • V. R. Noonkester,

  • D. B. Sailors


A VLF propagation and a D-region aeronomy model have been used to predict the effect of two solar eclipses on VLF propagation to Aztec, Arizona. Transmissions at 12.2 kHz from Hawaii were monitored during the eclipse on September 11, 1969; and transmissions at 12.0 kHz from Trinidad, at 24 kHz from transmitter NBA, at 12.5 kHz from Forestport, New York, and at 17.8 kHz from transmitter NAA were monitored during the eclipse on March 7, 1970. The VLF phase predictions were found to agree with measurements except for the two nearly coincident northerly paths from Forestport and NAA.