Radio Science

Amplitude Probability Distribution of Radio Waves Reflected From Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances


  • S. K. Srivastava,

  • S. M. Pradhan,

  • B. A. P. Tantry


In this paper, the amplitude distributions of the reflected radio waves, from various portions of the traveling ionospheric disturbances (TID) superimposed on small-scale irregularities, have been studied with the help of simultaneous records of amplitude and phase patterns of vertically reflected echoes. Amplitude distributions of reflected waves, related to different small portions of TID are found to exhibit different types of well-known distributions, like Rayleigh, Rice, and displaced Gaussian, while resultant distributions corresponding to two successive small portions of the TID may have different shapes, including the familiar M shape reported by many workers. Further, in some events, even three-peaked amplitude distributions are observed depending upon the ratio of steady component to random component present in the received echo and the nature of the reflecting surface.