The M.I.T. Ku-Band Radio Interferometer


  • G. D. Papadopoulos,

  • B. F. Burke


The construction of a Ku-band radio interferometer and some preliminary observations are reported. The interferometer was built for the purpose of mapping discrete radio sources like the Crab Nebula, Cassiopeia A, and Cygnus A. It has two 8-ft parabolic antennas operating at 17.128 GHz (1.75 cm). The maximum baseline of 100 m corresponds to a resolution of 35 sec of arc. A PDP-8 computer is incorporated in the system and is used for pointing, tracking, delay compensation, and real-time data analysis. The phase stability of the system was better than 10° over a period of 2 hours. Consistent fringe components were obtained from the Crab Nebula with a baseline set at 8 m.