VLF Emissions: Summary Report


  • I. Kimura


In addition to a review on whistler mode propagation and VLF emissions, the introductory talk by M. J. Rycroft (University of Southampton, England) covered several recent topics, three of which were mostly discussed: (a) recent results of a ray tracing to be compared with Walter and Angerami's [1969] and Scarabucci's [1970] computations, (b) effect of thermal anisotropy on the real part of the refractive index, hence on raytracing, especially in plasmas with β = 1, (c) simultaneous rocket observation of electron flux (energies higher than 45 kev) and whistler-mode noise intensity.

The rest of this session was mainly devoted to generation mechanisms of VLF emissions; a few other topics such as an electrostatic instability in the magnetosphere were also included.