Focusing of Waves in Ducts


  • M. S. Sodha,

  • A. K. Ghatak,

  • D. P. Tewari,

  • P. K. Dubey


This paper presents an investigation of the propagation of cylindrical waves (the field being independent of x) along the z direction inducts described by

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where c(y, z) is the wave velocity, C0 and ϵ0 are constants, ϵ2(z) is an arbitrary function of z, and ϵ corresponds to the dielectric constant for electromagnetic waves.

It has been shown that the intensity A02 of the wave is in general given by

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where E0 is a constant, yo is a constant, F is an arbitrary function of [y/yoƒ(z)L], and ƒ(z) is a dimensionless beam-width parameter given by

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in the geometrical optics approximation.

The nature of the variations of ƒ with z has been discussed for some simple profiles of ϵz(z) in the geometrical optics approximation; diffraction has also been taken into account when the beam (F) is Gaussian.