Time- and Frequency-Domain Characterizations of Multipath Propagation at 910 MHz in a Suburban Mobile-Radio Environment


  • D. C. Cox


Time- and frequency-domain statistics are presented for multipath propagation in a suburban mobile-radio environment for vehicle-travel distances on the order of 30 m. These statistics were obtained by measuring the quadrature components of the bandpass impulse response for the medium as a measuring vehicle was driven along the streets. For suburban residentialand commercial areas on relatively flat terrain, the delay spread is generally less than 1/4 μsec, and the correlation bandwidth at .9 correlation is greater than 250 kHz. Some extreme areas exhibit multiple-propagation paths with significant amplitudes at excess delays of 5 to 7 μsec, (delay spreads of 2 μsec) and associated correlation bandwidths as low as 40 kHz.