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The UV nitric-oxide experiment for Atmosphere Explorer


  • Charles A. Earth,

  • David W. Rusch,

  • A. Ian Stewart


The UV nitric-oxide (UVNO) experiment on Atmosphere Explorer-C and -D (AE-C and AE-D) is a two-channel, fixed-grating Ebert spectrometer which will measure the airglow in the (1, O) gamma band at 2150 Å. The observed intensity is produced by resonance fluorescence of sunlight by the NO molecules in the instrument's field of view, and the intensity profiles obtained will be inverted to yield altitude profiles of NO density. These density profiles will be obtained as functions of time and geographic location. The results will be used in investigations of the sources, sinks, and transport of NO and, in cooperation with other AE experiments, in investigations of thermospheric ion chemistry, the morphology of the turbopause, and auroral perturbations of the thermosphere.

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