Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves at a moving magnetoplasma half-space


  • P. K. Mukherjee,

  • S. P. Talwar


The interaction of an electromagnetic wave with a plane interface between a stationary isotropic medium (dielectric or vacuum) and a homogeneous cold magnetized plasma moving uniformly parallel to the interface is considered for arbitrary angles of incidence. Calculations are presented for the case in which the static magnetic field lies in the interface and is oriented normal to both the plane of incidence and the direction of the streaming motion. It is found that the reflection and the transmission characteristics for an incident E wave are unaffected by the anisotropy and the velocity of the moving medium. Numerical results for the reflection and the transmission coefficients for an obliquely incident H wave have been obtained for several values of the magnetic field and the electron density of the moving plasma half-space. It is found that the moving magnetized plasma medium allows certain stop and pass bands under suitable physical conditions.