A new wideband, fully steerable, decametric array at Clark Lake


  • William C. Erickson,

  • J. Richard Fisher


A new, fully steerable, decametric array for radio astronomy is under construction at the Clark Lake Radio Observatory near Borrego Springs, California. This array will be a “T” of 720 conical spiral antennas (teepee-shaped antennas, hence the array is called the TPT), 3.0 by 1.8 km capable of operating between 15 and 125 MHz. Both its operating frequency and beam position will be adjustable in less than one msec, and the TPT will provide a 49-element picture around the central beam position for extended-source observations.

Considerable experience has been gained in the operation of completed portions of the array, and successful operation of the final array is assured. This paper describes the results of the tests which have been conducted with the conical spirals and outlines the planned electronics.