A multipulse correlator design for incoherent scatter radar


  • C. L. Rino,

  • M. J. Baron,

  • G. H. Burch,

  • O. de la Beaujardiere


A multipulse correlator system for the Chatanika, Alaska, incoherent scatter radar is described. The system utilizes a hardware correlator unit that can deliver as many as 40 8-bit by 8-bit lagged products every 20 μsec. The particular lags at which products are computed are patch-wire programmable, and the range gates at which data are taken are set arbitrarily under computer control. The system operates with a fixed bandwidth of 50 kHz, so that the maximum range resolution is 6 km. To obtain sufficient lag resolution for operation at 1290 MHz, we compute lagged products at other than the nominal subpulse spacing. An example of the correlator operation is given.