Radio Science

Antenna investigation of a statistically inhomogeneous atmosphere


  • N. A. Armand,

  • A. N. Lomakin,

  • V. A. Sarkisyanz


Results of experimental investigations of fluctuations of phase front wave propagations in the turbulent atmosphere are presented. The correctness of the Kolmogorov-Obukhov spectrum has been confirmed for inhomogeneities with horizontal sizes up to dozens of kilometers, and the results have been detected dependent essentially upon duration. The latter has been explained in the limits of the hypothesis of “frozen-in” turbulence. The problem of gain losses of circular antennas was solved by using a parabolic equation for a coherent function. Inhomogeneities of a refractive index are assumed to have the Kolmogorov one-dimensional spectrum and to be anisotropic.