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Research on statistical aspects of tropospheric propagation


  • Giorgio Barzilai


In microwave links, atmospheric inhomogeneities and terrain irregularities produce random fluctuations of the electromagnetic field whose comprehensive description requires a statistical approach. To this purpose several functions can be defined and measured. Among them, the normalized mutual coherence function, or complex degree of coherence, has proved to be the most convenient both for direct applications and for simple measuring procedure. The Istituto di Elettronica of the University of Rome is carrying on measurements of the degree of coherence of microwave fields. It has been measured for different paths at 9.4 GHz by using waveguide interferometric systems of various configurations which have been applied to the determination of the coherence function for several distances in the horizontal plane, and to the evaluation of its anisotropy in a plane transverse to the direction of propagation for different meteorological conditions.

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