Radio Science

Surface currents and charges on an electrically thick conducting tube in an E-polarized, normally incident, plane-wave field, 1, Theory


  • R. W. P. King,

  • B. Sandler,

  • T. T. Wu,

  • R. W. Burton,

  • C. C. Kao,

  • L. C. Shen


The theoretical determination of the distributions of surface densities of current and charge induced on an electrically thick, infinitely thin-walled, perfectly conducting, tubular cylinder by an incident, E-polarized plane electromagnetic wave is reviewed. The theory is applied to a cylinder with ka = 1 and kh = 3π/2 where a is the radius, h the half-length, and k the wavenumber. Extensive graphs of the axial and transverse distributions of the surface density of current and of the surface density of charge are presented. An analytical representation of these in terms of forced and resonant transverse Fourier components is described and used to interpret the properties displayed in the graphs.