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Radio Science

An experimental 400 Mb/s optical transmission system using SELFOC® fibers


  • M. Shimodaira,

  • T. Hiramatsu,

  • K. Honma


As a result of recent progress in the glass refining process and index profile control technique, it is possible to get a very low loss and wide band SELFOC fiber which is made of multicomponent glass. For experiments of high bit-rate PCM transmission using this fiber, a compact 400 Mb/s repeater has been developed. Transmission of a 400 Mb/s PCM signal has been achieved at an error rate of less than 1×10−9 with 5.2 km repeater spacing. Experiments on two repeater links showed no significant degradation in error rate characteristics. It is the purpose of this paper to describe the low loss SELFOC fiber, the design concept of the repeater, and the results of the experiment.

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