Impedance characteristics of coaxial and planar magnetoplasma capacitors


  • K. J. Harker,

  • F. W. Crawford


A theory has been developed for the impedance of a homogeneous magnetoplasma enclosed between two specular reflecting coaxial electrodes, with a static magnetic field parallel to the electrode axes. The parallel-plate magnetoplasma capacitor is treated as a sub-case. Starting with the Vlasov equation, an integral equation is derived for the electric field. Solving this equation, and integrating to obtain the voltage, gives the capacitor impedance. This includes a capacitive component, and a resistive component expressing the Landau damping associated with the open orbits of electrons reflected at the electrodes. A direct numerical solution of the field integral equation has been carried out for a range of values of magnetic field, plasma density, and signal frequency. The values of impedance so obtained are compared with the predictions of macroscopic theory, and of an approximate microscopic theory in which open orbits are ignored and solutions are obtained using finite Fourier transform methods. The mathematical relations between these theories are demonstrated.