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Radio Science

Precise real-time signal dissemination over the TV broadcasting satellite


  • B. Ž. Kovačević,

  • B. R. Dimitrijević,

  • M. Z. Arsić,

  • N. S. Kovačević


The problem of dissemination of precise time signals over the TV broadcasting satellite is analyzed. The method described is designed to combine the existing system of time and standard frequency (T/ F) signal dissemination over the TV network and the broadcasting possibilities of the satellite, thus forming a new T/F distribution system which could retain the existing format of the T/F signals. Hence the user could utilize the same equipment for both systems. The high precision of the T/F signal dissemination over the ground TV system is retained in the new system, which uses the TV satellite for broader coverage, by possible methods designed to greatly reduce propagation time variations. The method is based on the Time and TV Synchro system previously developed at Studio Belgrade in Yugoslavia.

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