Surface currents and charges on a cross formed by an electrically thick cylinder and a flat plate in a normally incident plane-wave field


  • R. W. P. King,

  • D. J. Blejer,

  • R. W. Burton


With the aid of graphs a detailed description is given of the experimentally determined distributions of the currents and charges induced by a normally incident plane electromagnetic wave on all of the surfaces of a metal cross formed by a vertical tubular cylinder and a horizontal flat plate. The cylinder is a wavelength in circumference and 1.75λ high over a large ground plane. The horizontal plate consists of two equal arms that extend 0.75λ from the surface of the cylinder; it is 0.2125λ wide and 0.0255λ thick. It is centered at a height of 1.25λ from the ground plane. The distributions are compared with the corresponding ones on crossed tubular cylinders and on isolated cylinders.