Generalized magnetoionic formulae for the propagation of radio waves in the F region of the ionosphere


  • K. V. V. Ramana,

  • D. N. Madhusudhana Rao,

  • B. Jaganmohan Rao


The complex refractive index of the ionized medium has been obtained by Sen and Wyller (1960) and Budden (1965) by taking into consideration the dissipation of the wave energy through electron-molecule collisions. In the F region of the ionosphere, electron-ion collisions play a dominant role rather than the electron-molecule collisions. In this paper an effort has been made to arrive at the magnetoionic formulae by considering electron-positive ion collisions. The resulting formulae are similar in form to those obtained by Budden (1965), but the dielectric tensor of the medium has a different value. As the effective collision frequency of the electron in the F region is much less than the probing frequency (usually, HF), an approximation to the dielectric tensor has been obtained which is free of Dingle integrals. Calculation of magnetoionic parameters using the approximate theory and Appleton-Hartree formulae with the effective collision frequency resulted in reasonable agreement between the two methods.