Effects of repeated exposure to 148-MHz radio waves on growth and hematology of mice


  • James C. Lin,

  • John C. Nelson,

  • Merlin E. Ekstrom


The effects of repeated exposure of mice to RF energy (148 MHz) was investigated. Mice were exposed at 0.5 mW cm−2 (63.25 V m−1) in a TEM exposure chamber. They were irradiated for one hour a day, five days a week, beginning on the 4th to the 7th day postpartum, for ten weeks. The mice were divided into two equal groups to serve as sham-irradiated controls and irradiated subjects. The animals were weighed daily from the beginning of irradiation treatments for ten weeks, and weekly thereafter. The results indicate that the formed elements in the blood of the mouse are not affected by exposure to low-level VHF fields. The means of body mass of the irradiated and control animals were comparable, which indicates that the animals remained in comparably good health during irradiation.