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Radio Science

The MST radar at Poker Flat, Alaska


  • B. B. Balsley,

  • W. L. Ecklund,

  • D. A. Carter,

  • P. E. Johnston


We describe the basic configuration of the Poker Flat, Alaska, MST (mesosphere-stratosphere-troposphere) radar currently under construction by NOAA's Aeronomy Laboratory. This 50-MHz coherent radar consists of a 4 × 104 m2 phased dipole array, a 6.4-MW peak power transmitter system (consisting of 64 separate 100-kW peak pulse power transmitter modules distributed throughout the array), and an on-line Doppler analysis/data recording system. With some limitations the system will be capable of measuring winds, waves, and turbulence throughout the 1- to 100-km height range. Data obtained from the portion of the Poker Flat system already in operation are presented and discussed.

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