Scattering from hydrometeors: A survey


  • Tomohiro Oguchi


Investigation of the scattering properties of hydrometeors, especially those of nonspherical hydrometeors, has become increasingly important in connection with the estimation of depolarization due to hydrometeors in terrestrial and earth-space microwave communication systems. Scattering from nonspherical hydrometeors is also important in remote sensing of precipitation parameters. This paper first reviews various analytical-numerical approaches for the calculation of single-scattering properties of nonspherical hydrometeors. Approaches for the analysis of the practical problems, such as depolarization phenomena and rain scatter interference, are outlined in order to see how the single-scattering calculations are related to these problems. The present knowledge of incoherent scattering effects on rain attenuation, cross polarization, and channel transfer characteristics at the microwave and millimeter wave region is also reviewed.