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Electromagnetic coupling between apertures and biological structures


  • M. Bozzetti,

  • F. Corsi,

  • R. De Leo


The coupling between a radiating aperture and a biological body standing in its near field region is analyzed, with particular reference to the evaluation of (1) em field distribution inside the biological body, including, in particular, the hot spots at the interface between two different biological media and (2) the effects of the body upon the aperture radiation characteristics (total radiated power and aperture transmission cross sections). The solution is obtained by applying the moment method technique to the aperture, once the em field distribution on the aperture has been approximated by a set of triangular functions and the biological body has been subdivided into homogeneous cubes. The numerical program has been written for use on a desk top computer and partitioned into subprograms in order to minimize the central memory requirements, by storing the partial results on a floppy disk. As an example the coupling between a λ/2 × λ/20 aperture excited by a plane wave and a cylindrical biological body is examined.

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