Occurrence of nighttime VHF scintillations near the equatorial anomaly crest in the Indian sector


  • A. DasGupta,

  • A. Maitra,

  • Santimay Basu


The behavior of nighttime F region irregularities near the northern crest of the equatorial anomaly in the Indian sector has been investigated by using VHF amplitude scintillation measurements made at Calcutta (27°N dip subionospheric) during the period April 1977 through February 1980. With the increase in solar activity the occurrence of scintillations increases remarkably during the equinoxes and to a lesser extent during the December solstice, while the local summer occurrence shows little change. The observed patterns are assessed in terms of the variation of the F layer height with solar activity and upwelling motion of the depleted flux tubes associated with small scale irregularities. It is shown that the propagation path is more likely to intercept these equatorial irregularities during periods of high solar activity, while during periods of low solar activity the equatorial irregularities lie south of the propagation path.