Zero total dispersion in single-mode optical fibers over an extended spectral range


  • K. Okamoto,

  • T. Miya


The waveguide and material dispersion are investigated for various silica-based single-mode optical fibers with arbitrary refractive-index profiles. It is shown that in the case of the doubly clad optical fiber with an index difference between the core and the outer cladding Δ1 = 1.0% and that between the inner and the outer cladding Δ2 = −1.0%, where the diameter of the core 2a = 7.2 μm and the thickness of the inner cladding t = 1.1 μm, the total dispersion is reduced to within ±1 ps km−1 nm−1 over a wide spectral range of λ = 1.35–1.67 μm.