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Radio Science

Remote sensing of atmospheric waves in O2 and H2O microwave emissions


  • M. El-Raey


Atmospheric microwave emissions from oxygen near 58.0, 54.0, and 51.0 GHz and water vapor at 22.235 GHz are monitored simultaneously at a time interval of 10 s. Power spectral analysis of radiometer output indicated frequent occurrence of enhanced emissions at periods between 3 and 13 min. These are attributed to local buoyancy Brunt-Väisälä oscillations in the earth's atmosphere. Inversion of integrated brightness temperatures makes it possible to remote sense temperature profiles and natural waves simultaneously. It is suggested that spectral analysis of microwave and/or infrared emissions, as monitored by a geostationary satellite-borne radiometer, may reveal important characteristics and relationships between temperature profiles and natural oscillations in the earth's atmosphere over a wide height range.

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