Wave tilt calculations in the layered troposphere above a slightly rough sea


  • D. P. Chrissoulidis,

  • E. E. Kriezis


The tilt of an EM wave propagating above the sea in a direction parallel to its mean surface is theoretically calculated in an attempt to investigate the possibility to use the wave tilt probing method for the approximate determination of the sea state. A layered tropospheric slab having a typical index profile is considered above the slightly rough sea; the effective surface impedance of the sea is calculated according to a known model for a number of characterisitc wind speeds in the band 10–50 MHz. These models are combined for the calculation of the wave tilt for both horizontally and vertically polarized electromagnetic waves at various altitudes in the troposphere. Results show that the effect of the roughness of the sea surface on the wave tilt in the lower troposphere is not negligible and can also be measured at certain frequencies by using ordinary airborne wave tilt measurement methods.