Results of the VPI&SU COMSTAR Experiment


  • J. H. Andrews,

  • C. Ozbay,

  • T. Pratt,

  • C. W. Bostian,

  • E. A. Manus,

  • J. M. Gaines,

  • R. E. Marshall,

  • W. L. Stutzman,

  • P. H. Wiley


This paper summarizes annual and cumulative attenuation data, depolarization data, and associated local rain rate distributions obtained with the COMSTAR family of 19.04- and 28.56-GHz satellite beacons during the years 1977–1981. It discusses the relationships between attenuation and rain rate and between attenuation and depolarization, compares measured data on the joint distribution of attenuation and depolarization, and examines the limitations that propagation effects will impose on future 20/30-GHz satellite communications systems.