Initial Studies of Small-Scale F Region Irregularities at Very High Latitudes


  • R. A. Greenwald,

  • K. B. Baker,

  • J. P. Villain


In this paper we describe a recently developed HF radar system designed to study F region irregularities at high latitudes. The radar utilizes a 7-pulse multipulse sequence enabling it to determine 17-lag autocorrelation functions of E and F region irregularities. These autocorrelation functions and the associated Doppler spectra are not subject to the range-frequency ambiguity that occurs with other spectral techniques. The radar has been operated from the Cleary field site near Fairbanks, Alaska, for a short period in February 1982. The primary field of view of these measurements was poleward of Inuvik in northwestern Canada. Initial results from these measurements indicate a great deal of spatial and temporal variability in the irregularity Doppler characteristics; however, the overall pattern is generally consistent with the nominal pattern of very high latitude convection. Some anomalies existed, including evidence of an appreciable component of dawn-dusk drift near the most poleward latitudes of observation in the dawn local time sector.