MITHRAS: A brief description


  • O. de la Beaujardière,

  • V. B. Wickwar,

  • M. J. Baron,

  • J. Holt,

  • R. M. Wand,

  • W. L. Oliver,

  • P. Bauer,

  • M. Blanc,

  • C. Senior,

  • D. Alcaydé,

  • G. Caudal,

  • J. Foster,

  • E. Nielsen,

  • R. Heelis


Between May 1981 and June 1982 an intensive campaign of 33 coordinated observations was carried out using the three incoherent-scatter radars capable of probing the auroral zone. During this period the groups operating the Dynamic Explorer satellites and the STARE radar made special efforts to acquire data coincident with the radar observations. The objective of these MITHRAS experiments and subsequent analysis is to further our understanding of the interactions of the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, and the thermosphere, with special emphasis on local time/universal time variations. Three experimental modes with different time resolution and spatial coverage were used to examine different aspects of these interactions. The analysis of the extensive data set involves collaboration among groups of experimenters as well as between experimenters and theoreticians.