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Detection of local and long-path VLF/ELF radiation from modulated ionospheric current systems


  • R. J. Lunnen,

  • A. J. Ferraro,

  • H. S. Lee,

  • R. Allshouse,

  • K. Carroll,

  • D. Werner,

  • T. W. Collins


This paper describes the local and long-path very low frequency/extremely low frequency (VLF/ELF) radiation produced by modulation of the ionospheric current systems during high frequency (HF) heating of the ionospheric D region and very high frequency (VHF) heating of the equatorial electrojet. A brief description of the theory and the geometry of the heating experiment is followed by a discussion of local VLF/ELF radiation detected near the HF transmitter locations at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and at the Jicamarca Radar Observatory near Lima, Peru. Long-path detection of VLF/ELF radiation initially recorded on a path from Tromso, Norway, to the Pennsylvania State University in 1981 is updated with current experimental long-path results over paths between Jicamarca, Peru, and Salinas, Puerto Rico, as well as Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to the Pennsylvania State University.

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