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A modified Fresnel scattering model for the parameterization of Fresnel returns


  • K. S. Gage,

  • W. L. Ecklund,

  • B. B. Balsley


This paper presents a modified Fresnel scatter model and compares the revised model with observations from the Poker Flat, Alaska, radar, the sounding system (SOUSY) radar, and the Jicamarca radar. The modifications to the original model have been made to better account for the pulse width dependence and height dependence of backscattered power observed at vertical incidence at lower VHF. Vertical profiles of backscattered power calculated using the revised model and routine radiosonde data show good agreement with observed backscattered power profiles. Relative comparisons of backscattered power using climatological data for the model agree fairly well with observed backscattered power profiles from Poker Flat, Jicamarca, and SOUSY.

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