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Radio Science

Properties of lateral electromagnetic fields and their application


  • Ronold W. P. King,

  • Margaret Owens,

  • Tai Tsun Wu


The formulas for the complete electromagnetic field in region 1 (z ≥ 0, k1) due to a horizontal electric dipole also located in region 1 near its plane boundary with region 2 (z ≤ 0, k2; | k2 |2 « | k1 |2) are reviewed and applied to determine the moment of a magnetic dipole that effectively generates the field in region 2. Use is made of this field to determine the locus of the Poynting vector, the maximum depth of penetration into region 2 of the lateral wave part of the field, and the fraction of power associated with the lateral wave in a specified range. Application is made to the use of horizontal antennas on the seafloor for geophysical exploration of the lithosphere.

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