Measurement and statistical analysis of wideband MF atmospheric radio noise: 1. Structure and distribution and time variation of noise power


  • J. R. Herman,

  • A. A. Giordano,

  • X. A. DeAngelis,

  • K. F. Marzotto,

  • F. M. Hsu


Wideband measurements (100 kHz) of medium frequency atmospheric noise have been made over the past several years in the southwestern United States. In part 1 of a two-part paper the measurement and data transcription system and the statistical analysis software used to analyze the data are presented. In part 2, representative first- and higher-order statistics and the impact of the data on bandwidth and system performance are described. Measurement results presented in part 1 include the temporal structure of atmospheric noise, the distribution and time variation of the measured average noise power, and comparisons with predictions by the International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR).