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Electron density irregularities observed on DE-2


  • W. R. Hoegy,

  • S. A. Curtis,

  • L. H. Brace


Observations of electron density irregularities have been made with the Langmuir probe (LANG) on DE-2. The DE-2 LANG data were examined for irregularities with scale sizes of 30 to 170 km. Such irregularities were found at all longitudes in the polar cap and auroral oval with stronger fluctuations in the oval. Night time equatorial passes having local times near 1900 or 2400 LT and occurring in an 80 day wide band about equinox were examined for irregularity occurrence. A definite longitude pattern was found in the data from several hundred orbits which showed an eastward shift at later local times. The equatorial irregularity occurrence pattern found in the LANG data is consistent with earlier in situ and remote observations of irregularities and spread F. In fact, the combined data set was found to closely follow the season-longitude pattern determined by the condition of solar terminator alignment with magnetic field lines. Tsunoda (1985) first showed this correlation with scintillation data.

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