Radio Science

A radar technique for high range resolution incoherent scatter autocorrelation function measurements utilizing the full average power of klystron radars


  • Michael P. Sulzer


Incoherent scatter radar measurements with high range resolution have been made at Arecibo Observatory using a new technique, called the coded long pulse technique. This technique is similar to the multiple pulse technique in its uses, and in the way in which random clutter from unwanted ranges sets a lower limit on the noise level. It differs in that the full average power can be obtained from a radar that uses klystrons in the output stage. A description of the new technique is given, and the two techniques are compared. Some data showing the range variation of the HF induced enhanced plasma line are presented, and the superiority of the new technique for most E region measurements is demonstrated. Computational algorithms are discussed, and it is shown that in many cases the amount of computation required is not significantly more than is required by the multiple pulse technique.